Get the Most out of your Big Backyard Product!

Every Big Backyard Play Set is made with Premium Cedar and high quality components however, as with all outdoor products overtime it can weather and wear. Performing regular inspections and maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life and safety of your Play Set.

To help make the inspection process as simple as possible, we have developed a one page maintenance check list in your instruction manual to be used when inspecting your Play Set. The list identifies the items to be checked at the start of each play season, twice per month, once per month, and at the end of each play season. It provides you with specific things to routinely check on your hardware, swing hangers, swing ropes and rides, wood parts, ground stakes, and shock absorbing material.

Following this checklist and performing regular inspections and maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maximize the enjoyment, safety and life of your Big Backyard Play Set.

Download Instructions For Proper Maintenance


Watch this video for some simple maintenance tips to keep your Big Backyard play set safe and looking great!